Hello, and welcome to my website. I am a twenty something and I am currently a Maasai Warrior. My culture is sacred to me.

This is still in considerably underdeveloped stage at the minute so there will be considerable changes happening before your very eyes (or at least, when I can be bothered!).

This website was last updated in August 2016 with a new ‘Chernobyl’ page. In the meantime, relax and listen to some music.

Server has been continuously on-line without issue since 5th February 2016.

This website is enhanced for at least 1024x786 resolution monitors. If this is too little for you then tough! Why should anyone have a monitor bigger than 13 inches!? I blame you for being so greedy and vain!.

In other news, Wayne endorses this website! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

“Dude” - Wayne 25/07/15

NEW CARS AND BIKES!!!!!!! - Check it!

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